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Dualflow Plus hand dryer re-styled: no more water on the floor. Goodbye to the slip accidents.

Mediclinics is proud to announce an important re-styling of its successful Dualflow Plus which prevents water splashing on the floor. This important engineering change affects to the water collection area of the device. 

The water collection area of the Dualflow Plus has been completely redesigned and improved with the aim of preventing the residual water from drying hands to end up on the floor, thus keeping it dry and preventing slipping hazard. Furthermore, this improvement helps to keep a much more hygienic and clean washroom.

On the other hand, and just like its predecessor, the re-styled Dualflow Plus can be optionally connected to the main drain pipe of the bathroom to directly eliminate any traces of residual water. With this feature, the Dualflow Plus is the first hand dryer on the market that incorporates the best method of water drainage. This connection is carried out thanks to a connection kit consisting of a flexible plastic tube and its attachment mechanism to the water tank of the hand dryer. This kit for the direct connection to the drain pipe can be easily installed in all Dualflow Plus, of new installation or already installed.

Both features (new design of the water collection area and the direct connection to the main drain pipe) make the Dualflow Plus unbeatable in terms of residual water management. Both systems avoid excess water from drying hands falls down on the floor and, hence, that it helps avoiding slips, making the washroom a safer place, more hygienic and cleaner.