material:ABS | finish:White

Juniorplus hand dryer

Mediclinics Juniorplus hand dryers have been designed for those washroom environments that require an excellent value for money. Equipped with a one piece ABS resistant cover, with a modern design. Manual or automatic operation suitable for small washroom.

The automatic model includes an electronic detection system that uses an infrared beam, which is an adjustable mechanism that allows better adaptability to different types of washrooms. Push-buttons on the manual model operate an electronic timer with a 45 second cycle.

These dryers are also characterised for offering an optimum relationship between performance and consumption; incorporating an induction motor that allows free maintenance. They are ideal to be installed in washrooms with an average traffic of people like for example, restaurants, theatres, offices, etc.

These dryers also provide maximum safety, with a safety thermal cut off installed in the motor and another one in the dryer’s heating element.