material:Steel | finish:White epoxy

Machflow® sensor operated hand dryer

The line of Machflow® hand dryers provides important energy savings and an ultra-fast drying. Solutions with an avant-garde design and with four different finishes so that the dryers can easily blend in with the decoration. Its main advantages include:


Machflow Plus can incorporate, optionally, a HEPA filter medium that filters the solid particles in suspension (pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, etc.), significantly improving the quality of the air.

As a complement to the HEPA filter medium, and also optionally, the Machflow Plus can incorporate an ionizer ("Ion Hygienic" technology) that also helps to clean and purify the air.

In addition this dryer has an odor neutralizer that aromatizes and deodorizes the environment thanks to its soft fragrance (optional).

Energy savings

Adjusted for a minimum power of 420W it consumes an average of 1.8 Watts per drying cycle, which achieves an energy savings of greater than 90% with respect to traditional hand dryers (average consumption of 19-20 Watts/cycle).

Ultra-fast drying time

Dries hands in record speed, between 8 and 12 seconds, which is four times faster than traditional dryers and achieves a maximum air outlet speed of 325 Km/hour.

Caring for the environment

It is estimated that annually the carbon print of a traditional machine an average of 500 Kg of CO2. Using the same annual drying cycles, the Machflow® family consumes an average of 237 Kg of CO2, which represents a 53% annual carbon print reduction.

Easy maintenance

The Machflow®  Plug-in technology is an easy, practical, fast and secure system to install and uninstall a hand dryer, making maintenance much more efficient and reducing at the same time its costs.


Minimum waved wire NiCr heating element of 400W, mounted on a mica frame that incorporates a self-resetable thermal cut-off which disconnect the whole
appliance. The heating element can be disconnected by means of an ON/OFF switch.


Machflow®  hand dryers comply with the most important international quality and safety certifications: GS, EMC, UL, CE, Blue Angel, etc.