Four reasons for installing a "behind-the-mirror" system in a public toilet

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Four reasons for installing a "behind-the-mirror" system in a public toilet

Nowadays it is unfortunately still very common to see that many public toilets we visit neither have a good design nor a great deal of personality and so become the most gloomy and dull spaces in the building.

As a general rule, there should always be a toilet for customers in a public space, and, bearing in mind that we are talking about a very busy area, it should be harmonised and decorated as well as possible, making the customer feel comfortable and at home.

Being innovative and creative are two of the keys to the success of our business. For this reason, we must put a great deal of effort and enthusiasm into the decoration of each environment in the establishment, especially as regards decorating public toilets.

The most modern trends in the design of public toilets are aimed at hiding all the bathroom fixtures behind a mirror. The idea is to create much more minimalist environments in the toilets, which are free of obstacles, lighter and more spacious. Electric hand dryers, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers no longer occupy a space on the wall for all to see, but are installed behind a mirror where they are still just as functional but are totally invisible to the eyes of users. The only thing that users have to do is place their hands below the point indicated on the mirror to use the hand dryer, the soap dispenser or the paper towel dispenser, thus they do not come into direct contact with these fixtures.

1.- A behind-the-mirror system is ideal for space designers

Mirrors in toilets are like Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility, and can be used to hide as well as reflect objects. This makes them a great tool for architects and designers as they can use mirrors to hide toilet accessories. Thus, on the one hand, more space is obtained and, on the other, they create the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is.

At an aesthetic level, putting the toilet accessories behind a mirror allows minimalist spaces to be created where the objects disappear from the walls and floors. This enormously facilitates the design, and allows architects and designers to be much more creative and focus much more on obtaining a good design of the space.  The result is a toilet that is much more open, spacious, clean and tidy.


2.- A behind-the-mirror system is ideal for contractors

For a contractor, the great advantage of a behind-the-mirror system is the ease of installation. The toilet accessories that are used in a behind-the-mirror system are, as a general rule, very easy to install. They are modular items specifically designed so that the installer has no problems in fitting them.

This means that installing a behind-the-mirror system requires much less time and effort and, therefore, the time necessary for the work is optimised. A shorter installation time also represents a financial saving that can be relatively significant if a large number of modules are to be mounted.


A behind-the-mirror system is ideal for facility managers

Facility managers are in luck as they are one of the groups that gain the most from these types of systems. Firstly, it should be noted that a behind-the-mirror system is normally made up of high-speed hand dryers with low electrical consumption and by automatic soap dispensers that provide an accurate and exact dose of soap. These fixtures drastically reduce operating costs and therefore we can say that, in general, a behind-the-mirror system is ideal for reducing costs because the consumption of electrical energy and soap is much lower.

Moreover, with a behind-the-mirror system, users carry out the entire hand washing and drying process in the washbasin. As a result, the floors become much less dirty and therefore need to be cleaned less frequently. This also results in a considerable saving on the cleaning bill.

Another factor to bear in mind for these types of systems is that access to all the components is much easier and much quicker. Just open the mirror and access to all the components is direct and immediate. This results in a reduction in replacement times and, therefore, a cost reduction in the maintenance operating account as well.



4.- A behind-the-mirror system is ideal for the users' health and safety

Contact of the hands with any physical item increases the risk of infection due to cross contamination, as viruses and bacteria are deposited on the objects and, on touching them, these micro-organisms can pass directly to our body. Avoiding contact with any item in public spaces is, therefore, essential in reducing the risk of disease transmission.

A behind-the-mirror system is conceived and designed so that the user does not come into direct contact with any of the toilet accessories that make up the system. Firstly, because all the components are behind the mirror and secondly because both hand dryers and soap dispensers are normally activated by means of object detection systems based on infrared technology. The user places their hands just below the fixture that they want to use at any time, which detects them and starts automatically without the need for any physical interaction. In this way, the user does not touch any of the system elements at any time and thus avoids the risk of transmission of any disease due to cross contamination.

Touchless technology is here to stay as it not only allows good hand hygiene to be maintained, as we have seen above, but it also allows us to enjoy a hand washing and drying experience that is much more comfortable and pleasant.

In summary, a behind-the-mirror system is the ideal solution for creating safe, elegant, modern and minimalist public toilets spaces, without forgetting hand hygieneenergy efficiency, comfort and ease of use.  Behind the mirror systems are quick and easy to install and the replacement of consumables is also extremely quick and easy. A behind-the-mirror system saves time, energy, soap, space and money, to the benefit of the designer, the contractor, the facility manager and the user.

Mediclinics has high-speed automatic hand dryers, automatic soap dispensers and C/Z paper towel dispensers designed to be installed behind a mirror, offering functionality,hand hygiene, preventing cross contamination and creating a germ-free and fully automated minimalist environment.


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