Saniflow recessed kit

Kit for recessed Saniflow hand dryer, satin finish (hand dryer not included).


• Kit for recessed Saniflow hand dryer (hand dryer not included).

• The kit for recessed Saniflow makes the Saniflow hand dryer suitable for the compliance of the ADAAG norm (US) – that limits to 4 inches (100mm) the horizontal projection of the devices installed in bathrooms for public use-, bestowing on that hand dryer the quality of “specific for the disabled”.

• Maximum robustness and vandal-proof.

• Excellent integration and aesthetical level.

• Cabinet made of electro-zinced iron, 1.5 mm thick. It includes 4 M5 bolts welded on top of the base plate for fitting the Saniflow hand dryer.

• Frame 1.5 mm thick, made of AISI 304 stainless steel satin finish, with 4 screw holes of Ø 9 mm for mounting on the wall.

• Gasket made of grey rubber, offers a reinforcing outside protection that minimizes vibrations and noise.

• Nuts and bolts for fitting the dryer to the kit and the frame to the wall. It includes: 4 nuts DIN 934 M5, 4 washers DIN 125 M5, 4 stainless steel screws DIN 7981 32 x 5,5 mm and 4 wall plugs F8.

NOTE: nuts and bolts for the mounting of the cabinet to the wall are not included. Use of stainless steel nuts and bolts is recommended.

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