Mediclinics All-In-One wall mounted

Sensor operated hand dryer + electronic tap ware + electronic soap dispenser, made of chrome-plated brass, bright finish and designed to be wall mounted.


• Wash and dry unit Mediclinics® All-in-one, consisting of a hand dryer + a water tap + a soap dispenser, all sensor operated and ready to be wall mounted.

• Ready to work together as a complete set, or component by component, Mediclinics® All-in-one has been thought and designed to avoid water splashing on the floor, to save space and to spend less time inside the washroom.

• Mediclinics® All-in-one wall mounted is ideal for new construction projects of public restrooms which have a maintenance room behind the wall or for stud walls. In both cases, all components of this wash and dry unit are just behind the wall with only the taps affixed to the wall and at sight, creating a new clutter-free washroom experience.

• Mediclinics® All-in-one solutions are eco-friendly, saving more than 73% in terms of economical savings vs. similar solutions on the market.

• Mediclinics® All-in-one solutions are also very hygienic because they incorporate an HEPA media filter, the “Ion Hygienic” technology (optional) and an air-freshener tablet (optional).

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