Surface automatic liquid soap dispenser

Automatic wall-mounted liquid soap dispenser, made of ABS plastic and aluminium, satin finish


• Wall-mounted soap dispenser of 800 ml of capacity, with touchless activation and made of ABS body with a 0.5 mm thick aluminum frame, satin finish.

• The touch free design operates when the built-in infrared smart sensor senses motion under the nozzle and dispenses the liquid.

• Touch-free dispensing prevents cross contamination and germ spread.

• The stylish and functional design of this soap dispenser makes it perfect for any bathroom.

• Transparent plastic content viewer (polycarbonate) on the front.

• Lock with special key to deter theft and vandalism.

• Operates on six AA alkaline batteries (not supplied), providing more than 40,000 operating cycles, or optionally, with an AC adapter (Mediclinics code KA0252).

• Flashing LED for battery change.

• Dispenses liquid soap.

• It is recommended to use liquid soap with the following characteristics:

    - Density between 0.9 and 1.35 kg / dm3

    - Maximum viscosity of 3,500 cps.

• Also admits hand sanitizer solutions with up to 80% alcohol content, with a density between 0.9 and 1.35 kg / dm3 and a maximum viscosity of 3,500 cps, as long as the original silicone tube of the DJ0160AS will be changed for the silicone tube Mediclinics code “RCDJ0160AS- TS”.

     It does not admit soaps or hand sanitizers that contain methanol, chlorine or solid or abrasive particles.

• Screws and plastic plugs to mount on a brick wall supplied.

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