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We have designed the following table to answer this question. Please click here: View table of dispensers adapted for hydro-alcoholic gel

Verify that the machine receives electrical power. To do this, check that the main switch of the electrical system has not been turned off. Besides, check that the equipment is correctly plugged in and that the electrical installation has the adequate power to support the power of the hand dryer.

You can also check that it is not a fault in the installation of the hand dryer. To do this, verify that all connections of the terminal strip have been made correctly.

Also make sure that the LED sensor display is completely clean. Adjust the detection distance in the electronic board by turning the potentiometer, as indicated in the installation guide. Check if the casing fits well with the base fixed with the screws and it does not interfere with the detectors.

Check the status of the brush motor and make sure it is working properly. Check if no external object is blocking the rotor. Ensure that the electronic plate of the hand dryer is feeding the motor and that no component has been damaged.

If the problem is not solved, disconnect the machine from the electrical network and contact the Mediclinics technical support.

Make sure the sensor is clean and free of foreign objects. Make sure the casing is properly installed. Confirm whether the dryer has been installed at the recommended height. Make certain there are no polished surfaces under the dryer to cause an automatic start. Following the manual maintenance, adjust the detection distance. If the problem persists, disconnect the machine from the network and contact our technical service.
Make sure you have connected the machine to the voltage for which it has been designed. The hand dryers M24A, M14A, M19A, M09A and M17A have a switch to turn on/off the heating element. Check the position of the switch, if it´s OFF, turn it ON. The M02A has an NTC temperature sensor that regulates the temperature of the expelled air, according to the room temperature. You may feel the temperature difference according to the sensor regulation. Following the maintenance manual, check the heating element connections to make sure they are not damaged. It could happen that the thermal protection of the electrical heating element goes off. In that case, leave the machine resting for a few minutes. After that, if the expelled air keeps being cold, please, contact the technical service in order to replace the heating element.
Mediclinics supplies its hand dryers WITHOUT a cord or plug. However, these are prepared so that the electrical connection to the network can be easily and quickly made, through a power strip. It is very important to keep in mind that only a qualified and authorized technician can install, adjust and maintain our hand dryers. All operations carried out on them must always be in accordance with the legislation and security regulations, both European and local, that are in force at the time of carrying out the operation.
Mediclinics provides an after sales service that will help you to solve any doubts or questions you may have regarding our products. Tel: + 34 934 464 700 or by email to:

Try cleaning it with a soft cloth or sponge, moistened in soapy water. It is very important to rinse and dry the surface once cleaned. In case the product is subjected to hostile environments, such as saline (near the sea), intense humidity, chlorinated (pools), hard water, etc. it is recommended, as an additional treatment to the regular cleaning, the application of a drugstore product containing silicone.

In case the stain persists, see our steel and stainless steel cleaning manual CLICK HERE.

Epoxy resin is the ideal resin that can be used in any high performance paint system, as it has the ability to be easily transformed from a liquid state into a resistant and hard coating. Epoxy resins, as they are so versatile, are used for various applications: as protective coatings, coatings for marine and coastal environments, overlay for flooring, adhesives, glues, moulding compounds, insulation materials, reinforced plastics and textile products.
The Mediclinics isolation kits are optional complements designed to avoid electrical conductivity in steel and stainless steel support bars. For more information, please, check our web and paper catalogues.
Make sure you are using the right soap. Very liquid soaps or soaps dissolved in water can cause possible malfunctions of the valve. Make sure there is no foreign body that blocks or hinders the inside of the valve. Clean the tank and the valve with plenty of water and check whether the dispenser works with water. If so, re-fill the tank with the right soap and operate normally, otherwise, please, contact the technical service.
Make sure the soap level and the type of soap are appropriate. Most soap dispensers do not admit excessively dense soaps or those containing solid particles. Clean the tank and the valve with plenty of water and check whether the dispenser works with water, if that´s the case, re-fill the tank with appropriate soap and operate normally, otherwise, please, contact the technical service.


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