Mediflow Intelligent sensor operated hand dryer

Sensor operated Mediflow® hand dryer, with automatic temperature control and with AIS 304 stainless steel cover, bright finish


• Mediflow® Logic Dry hand dryers automatically operated are characterized by their power and ruggedness. They incorporate the technology to automatically regulate the temperature of the outlet air to 4 possible levels depending on the room temperature. Thanks to this device, which is assembled into the LED Electronic Circuit, these dryers enjoy a longer life cycle, while increasing the effectiveness of the hand drying process. Also relevant is the savings in electrical energy consumption of these dryers, which incorporate this very important ecologic feature.

• Mediflow® Logic Dry dryers are made according to the highest quality and safety standards: it includes safety thermal limiters (in the heating element and in the motor) and automatic disconnect system.

• Mediflow® solutions are proven long lasting and completely reliable models. Versatile hand dryers with anti-vandalism features and designed to be installed in areas with a large traffic of people such as: airports, large hotels, sports centers, large recreational areas and official organizations among others.

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