Mediclinics all-In-One wash basin mounted

Sensor operated hand dryer and water + soap dispenser tap, both made of chrome-plated brass.


• Mediclinics® All-in-one is a countertop mounted hand dryer tap and a water and soap dispenser faucet, all ready to work together as one beautiful, touch-free, hygienic and highly efficient system.

• Mediclinics® All-in-one has been thought and designed to avoid water splashing on the floor, to save space and to spend less time inside the washroom.

• Engineered with aesthetics and performance in mind, Mediclinics® All-in-one solutions are pure elegance and efficiency. Its smart design, with clean lines and elegant curves and its great functionality, breaks all current design and functional conventions.

• Mediclinics® All-in-one solutions are eco-friendly, saving more than 73% in terms of economical savings vs. similar solutions on the market.

• Mediclinics® All-in-one solutions are also very hygienic because they can incorporate an HEPA media filter (optional), the “Ion Hygienic” technology (optional) and an air-freshener tablet (optional).

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