6 Tips for properly equipping company office washrooms

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Office washrooms are a critical space that is often overlooked, but they play a crucial role in employee comfort and satisfaction. A well-equipped communal toilet not only contributes to the well-being of those who work in the company, but can also influence the perception of customers and visitors. Here are some tips on how to properly design and equip a company's office washrooms:


1. Plan the design carefully and pay attention to aesthetics and decoration:

 Before starting any remodelling work or equipping the office toilets, it is important to plan its design carefully. Consider factors such as the size of the space, the number of users and the layout of existing facilities when selecting toilet equipment. The right choice in this regard will ensure an efficient flow of people and maximise the available space. Design and decoration also play an important role in creating a pleasant and hygienic environment.

It is also extremely important to choose the right design and finishes that fit perfectly with the overall aesthetics of the office and help to convey a good company image.  For example, if we are talking about an elegant and modern toilet space and you have to install baby changing stations, we definitely recommend our babymedi changing stations in black or stainless steel finish.

2. Functionality and hygiene at the same time:  

Functionality and hygiene are two complementary benefits to be provided by any office toilet fixture and equipment. In addition to fulfilling its purpose in the best way possible, it must provide the best hygiene and health conditions for users. 

An example of this is our new U-flow hand dryer, which, in addition to its innovative U-shaped design and drying time of only 8-10 seconds, is capable, thanks to its ionizer and Biocote technology, of eliminating the negative action of viruses and bacteria, thus contributing to good hand hygiene and a completely clean and healthy toilet space.

3. Maintenance and cleanliness as priorities: 

It is essential to ensure that the toilets are perfectly clean and maintained. Cleanliness and maintenance are not only essential for health and hygiene, but also contribute to creating a pleasant and professional environment. For this reason, choosing toilet equipment that contributes to keeping these toilet spaces clean and in good condition is essential. 

Likewise, it has become essential these days for the equipment to help improve and optimise maintenance and cleaning tasks, and reduce the enormous costs that these generate. Proof of this can be found in our Machlow Plus Brushless eco-fast hand dryers, which are equipped with brushless motors that require no maintenance and guarantee a long service life for the machine (less time spent on maintenance tasks).  Also, the U-flow and Dualflow plus brushless hand dryers, thanks to the kit for their direct connection to the main drainage pipe of the toilet, remove the waste water that usually falls to the floor during hand drying. This makes it easier to have a much drier and cleaner floor for much longer, achieving considerable savings in the time spent on cleaning tasks.


4. Choose quality and resistant accessories:

Opt for durable, quality toilet accessories that not only look good, but are also made of premium materials, are functional and easy to maintain. From soap dispensers and paper towels to hand dryers, invest in products that offer durability and strength.

For example, the fact of having soap dispensers made of AISI 304 stainless steel will make them more resistant and durable over time, with the consequent economic savings you will obtain by extending their useful life and not having to make an extra investment in replacement equipment.


5. Implement measures to save resources and energy consumption:

Contribute to the care of the environment and reduce operating costs by implementing water and energy saving measures in the office toilets. Install energy-efficient equipment such as Mediclinics' eco-fast hand dryers, and consider installing multifunctional and automatic control devices, such as our All-in-One hand washing and drying station .  With this, you will be able to save resources, be more respectful towards our environment and be much more energy efficient.


6. Listen to the needs of employees:

 Last but not least, listen to employees' needs and concerns regarding office toilets. Conduct periodic surveys or establish a communication channel for workers to express their comments and suggestions. This will help you identify areas for improvement and ensure that your company's toilets meet the needs of all users.

In short, properly equipping a company' s office washrooms goes beyond simply installing basic fixtures. It is important to pay attention to maintenance and cleanliness, product quality, design and sustainability in order to create toilet spaces that promote the well-being and satisfaction of all users. By prioritising these aspects, you will not only improve the experience of those who work in the company, but you will also transmit a professional image in line with the values and image of the company.


Enrique González

Mediclinics, S.A.


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