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The Importance of Color and Finishes in Public Restroom Equipment

Public restrooms, whether in offices, shopping centers, schools, or any other public space, require special attention in their design and equipment. The importance of color and finishes in these spaces cannot be...
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6 Tips for properly equipping company office washrooms

Office washrooms are a critical space that is often overlooked, but they play a crucial role in employee comfort and satisfaction. A well-equipped communal toilet not only contributes to the well-being of those who...
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Mediclinics will be present from May 14th to 17th at Interclean Amsterdam

Mediclinics will be present from May 14th to 17th at Interclean Amsterdam, the world's leading trade fair for the hygiene and cleaning sectors. Interclean Amsterdam is the largest global trade fair for professional...
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The Importance of Toilets for a Company's Image

When it comes to a company's image, it's easy to focus on aspects like the logo, decor, customer service, or product quality. However, there's an aspect that is often overlooked but can have a significant impact: the...
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U-flow® by Mediclinics, Winner of the Prestigious Best Design Award at the 2024 iF Design Award Competition

In the world of design, functionality and aesthetics intertwine to create solutions that not only fulfill their purpose but also captivate with their beauty. And at this intersection of design and functionality, our...
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The 5 most relevant trends for Collective Bathrooms in 2024

In the world of design and innovation, it is important to always be aware of the trends that will prevail for this year 2024. Also, as could not be otherwise, in our case, in the world of equipment for public or...
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Mediclinics receives the Informa elEconomista Certificate for Excellent Management- CIEGE 2023

In the world of business management, standing out for excellence and commitment to the highest standards translates into valuable recognition. Standing out is no easy task, but Mediclinics has more than demonstrated...
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The Future of Hand Drying is here: U-flow® by Mediclinics

Do you consider yourself a lover of innovation and design? Today we would like to introduce you to our new hand dryer that will revolutionize the way we dry our hands: U-flow. The new state-of-the-art U-flow hand...
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We interview Hannah Mullane, Content Executive at BioCote®

Today, at our blog, we interview Hannah Mullane, content executive at Biocote, world leader in antimicrobial and antibacterial solutions, who tells us about her company and its Biocote technology: the Biocote...
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Electric hand dryers or paper towels? The University of Arizona study

When I was a kid, I loved to ride my bike. But my best friend, Javi, preferred to ride his scooter without motor (apparently he was ahead of his time). We were always arguing about which was better: my bike or his...
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