The New Normal Marketing and Products

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The New Normal Marketing and Products

The new normal of marketing or the marketing of the new normal? It looks the same, but it's not. Although both concepts are related, the first one shows a current intention or state that marketing is going through nowadays and the second one refers to the characteristics that a brand or product marketing must have nowadays to be successful.

One way or another, what is certain is that not only marketing, but in life in general, nothing will ever be what it was before the Pandemic. What we want, what people and companies want and feel has changed radically. And brands know this, and if they want to succeed in a market that seems condemned to uncertainty, they must adapt their structures, products and services, as well as their message, to the new expectations and needs of new users and customers more than ever.

Yes, yes, we say new users and customers, as the so-called new normal has also transformed people into new people. New People who are more than ever PEOPLE(in capital letters) who feel, who have suffered and are suffering from a difficult situation and who are looking for (and demanding) from the brands a greater identification and commitment on their part, which comforts them, in which they feel understood and provide them with real solutions that help them to live in this New Normal. Looking for, in other words, living and committed brands, that get out on the street and roll up their sleeves for their well-being and happiness. Definitely, in order to survive, brands must transform their old marketing (and we're talking about only 4-5 months ago) and turn it into the Marketing of the New Normal.

Some companies, especially the largest multinationals, have already been able to adapt quickly to this situation. We can see this clearly in the messages they offer in their big advertising campaigns. The automotive sector, one of the sectors that invests most in campaigns, is a clear example. If we look closely, many brands no longer offer us fun, daring and the pleasure of driving, but safety, well-being, getting back out there and finding ourselves, and more than empathetic financing facilities, never imagined at the beginning of the year.

But doing the Marketing of the New Normal is NOT only about increasing your ads or testing trying to increase your sales conversions, but also, and today it is more important than ever, it is about offering consumer experiences and an innovative product, which adapts to the highest demands and expectations of customers who are looking for support, safety, hygiene and health, above all. In the field of experiencial marketing, two examples stand out: Mc Donalds with its Mc Protected campaign and the large hotel chain HILTON with its Hilton CleanStay with Lysol Protection initiative, which promise their customers a shopping experience with the strictest health and safety measures. To mention a product as a clear example of innovation, it can be found in the brand of clothing Vollebak, which offers coats that destroy microbes.

Aeronautics and aviation is another sector that invests a large part of its budget in product innovation. The airlines, which have been hit hard during this coronavirus crisis, are trying to convince the public of the safety of their flight mechanisms. One of the innovations that the Association of Spanish Airlines (ALA) has decided to bring to light and communicate, in relation to the confusion created about the agglomerations in air transport or the need for social separation because of the Covid-19, is the use of HEPA filters in all its cabins.

They insist in their messages that HEPA filters are like those used in hospital operating rooms and serve to eliminate 99. 9% of particles such as bacteria, fungi and viruses the size of a coronavirus. Therefore, these filters prevent the transmission of the virus through the air inside the cabins.

“The air in the cabins comes from the outside, which means that clean air free of bacteria and viruses comes in from the altitude of the flight, which is also renewed every three minutes through HEPA filters” . ALA-Airline Association.


When referring to our sector of equipment for collective bathrooms, and speaking about Mediclinics in particular, we can say out loud that our company has already been innovating for years in the design and development of new products that contribute a totally satisfactory experience of use in the matter of security, hygiene and health. Solutions perfectly adapted today to the maximum requirements demanded to prevent and combat COVID-19.

We have also known how to apply and adapt our products to great technical solutions, developed in other leading sectors at a technological level, as is the case previously mentioned of the HEPA filter mediclinics.

In this sense, some of our latest generationEco-Fast hand dryers, such as Dual Flow Plus Brushless, Dualflow Plus, Machflow Plus Brushless, Machflow Plus and Speedflow Plus , as well as our innovative All-in-One wash and dry station, incorporate a HEPA filter media that filters out solid particles in suspension (pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, etc), significantly improving air quality, helping to eliminate particles such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.


In addition to the HEPA filter media, our hand dryers incorporate other solutions that provide our users and customers with a totally reliable, effective and safe washing and drying experience. In summary, some of the most important ones to highlight are:

- Ion Hygienic technology that cleans and purifies the air through the emission of negative ions (anions), eliminating most germs and airborne particles, helping to make the air purer and healthier.

- Antimicrobial and antibacterial protection with Biocote® silver ion technology, which inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms in the product throughout its life, providing a total antimicrobial solution.

- Contactless products, as the user does not touch them at any time, because they start and stop automatically thanks to a pair of IR sensors that automatically detect the hands.



Along with our latest generation hand dryers and the All-in-one wash and dry station, Mediclinics has another series of
Stop-COVID 19 products, with which we offer the possibility of living more peacefully and safely in the New Normal. We highlight, among others, our soap/hydroalcoholic gel dispensers and the portable hand sanitizing stations for an efficient hand hygiene and disinfection at any space, as well as our Babymedi diaper changing tables, for the perfect protection of children and their parents.

end this post, and as you may have already deciphered from the above, at Mediclinics we try to adapt every day to this new model of the Marketing of the New normal, offering solutions that try to respond perfectly to what our clients expect and really need from a brand like ours at a time like the present.

In short, we get to the street, roll up our sleeves and approach them.

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