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Today, at our blog, we interview Hannah Mullane, content executive at Biocote, world leader in antimicrobial and antibacterial solutions, who tells us about her company and its Biocote technology: the Biocote trajectory from its begginings to nowadays, its future projects, its main advantages over other solutions,  how Biocote technology works, its main advantages, as well as the relationship with its partners and more specifically, their relationship with Mediclinics, among other matters.

1. Hello Hannah, please explain briefly what Biocote technology is and how it works

 BioCote® technology is antimicrobial technology that can inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria, mould, and fungi. It works by incorporating antimicrobial additives into materials during the manufacturing process. These additives are formulated with active ingredients that disrupt the cellular functions of microorganisms, which prevents their survival on the treated surface.

2. In these 25 years in which Biocote has developed this antimicrobial and antibacterial technology: tell us briefly what has been its trajectory from its beginnings to the present day and what milestone or achievement you would highlight during all this period of time

 The 25-year journey of BioCote® began in 1994 when founders Rainer Clover and Harry Brodie, successful civil engineers and consultants, came up with the idea for a bactericidal product, mixing polyester powder paint with Triclosan, leading to a globally approved Patent. From a small office, we expanded to Wolverhampton Science Park in 2003 and later to Prologis Park, Coventry, where our HQ now stands. BioCote® technology evolved to include silver phosphate glass and polymer masterbatches, expanding the options for our clients.

 We have recently expanded our portfolio when testing BioCote® technology against emerging microorganisms. In 2020, we were the first in our industry to test against the feline Coronavirus, strain Munich, achieving +90% efficacy within two hours . Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, BioCote® experienced record growth, solidifying its position as a pioneering force in antimicrobial and antibacterial solutions. Additionally, as consumer needs evolve, brands seek that competitive edge to position their products in the market. With the benefits of BioCote®, brands can now better address their consumers' wants and needs, presenting a compelling advantage in today's ever-changing landscape.

"It provides effective and long-lasting product and surface protection against microorganisms. This contributes to improved hygiene, reduced cross-contamination, and increased product lifespan"

3.What does Biocote technology bring to materials and what are its main advantages that differentiate it from other technologies/additives on the market?

 BioCote® technology brings several benefits to materials. Firstly, it provides effective and long-lasting product and surface protection against microorganisms, does not wash off or wear out. This contributes to improved hygiene, reduced cross-contamination, and increased product lifespan.

BioCote® is also compatible with different manufacturing processes and can be incorporated into various materials, including plastics, paints, textiles, and ceramics, making it highly versatile.

Additionally, BioCote® offers customised solutions tailored to specific product requirements and regulatory standards, ensuring optimal performance and compliance.



4. Some of the characteristics that define Biocote are its great capacity for innovation and foresight. Could you briefly comment on where do you think the sector is evolving and, more specifically, what projects Biocote is working on for the future?

 A common thread across the sectors we work with is that customer demand for quality products is increasing and generally end-users are looking to be delighted and have their expectations surpassed. People want products that can tick all the boxes, from aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and all at an affordable price.

 As we aim to meet the ever-evolving needs and wants of consumers, we recognise the importance of evolving alongside our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers' requirements. To achieve this, we have intensified our efforts to communicate with our partners, clients, and their manufacturers to ensure we meet their customers demands at the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. through this collaborative approach, we aim to stay ahead of the curve, and continue evolving with the dynamics of consumer needs.

"By incorporating BioCote® technology into products and surfaces, they become capable of inhibiting the growth of unwanted microorganisms and the damaging effects they have"

5. Looking at our bathroom sector: How important do you attach to the use of Biocote additives in bathroom equipment such as hand dryers, grab bars or baby changing stations and why?   

 Bathrooms are environments with high levels of microbial contamination due to frequent human contact and moisture which, can promote surface-to-surface contamination and the growth of microorganisms. By incorporating BioCote® technology into products and surfaces, they become capable of inhibiting the growth of unwanted microorganisms and the damaging effects they have. This can also contribute to improved overall hygiene levels and achieve cleanliness standards for the users.


6. For a company interested in equipping its products with your technology: What recommendations would you give them and how can they carry out this process?     

 For a company interested in equipping its products with BioCote® technology, we would recommend the following steps:

-Begin by understanding the specific requirements and challenges of your product or surface in terms of antimicrobial protection.

-Reach out to us to discuss your unique needs and explore our technology, ask as many questions as you like. Our technical team work closely with our clients to determine the appropriate formulation and integration methods for your products. As well as arranging testing and validation through third-party testing facilities.

-Once the product enters the market, communicate its antimicrobial benefits to your customers and end-users by highlighting the added value and hygiene advantages provided by BioCote® technology.

"We have been working with Mediclinics, for example, for over a decade with a strengthening relationship that helps bring enhanced products that satisfy customer demands"

 7. Currently Biocote is present in multiple sectors and you count on a wide network of partners who are also leaders in their respective business areas: What is your relationship with them and, more specifically, with a partner like Mediclinics?

We are very proud of our partners as they are great businesses that are not only innovators in their field but also have the same customer-centricity values that we have. We have been working with Mediclinics, for example, for over a decade with a strengthening relationship that helps bring enhanced products that satisfy customer demands.

 From ideation to execution, we have a close relationship with our partners to ensure that the project benefits are realised.


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