The 5 most relevant trends for Collective Bathrooms in 2024

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In the world of design and innovation, it is important to always be aware of the trends that will prevail for this year 2024. Also, as could not be otherwise, in our case, in the world of equipment for public or collective bathrooms. Getting it right and being able to apply some of these trends can improve and lead to the success of your future design projects or bathroom space renovations.

This 2024 seems to be a key date to know where the design and renovation of collective bathrooms will be heading in the coming years. With technological progress and a change in mindset towards sustainability, the design of these spaces has evolved significantly.

Below, we try to outline some aspects of the 5 trends that we consider will mark the rhythm of collective bathroom spaces:

1. Minimalism with a Touch of Luxury

Minimalism remains a dominant trend, but with a luxurious touch. Collective bathrooms adopt clean lines and neutral colors but are now enriched with high-end materials such as marble, wood, and stainless steel. In relation to the latter, it is essential that the accessories are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, as they guarantee a more polished aesthetic and greater durability and resistance. Additionally, highlight some spectacular finishes in black or PVD that are already a trend and will give your bathroom spaces a touch of luxury and uniqueness. This combination will create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere that will undoubtedly enhance the user experience.


Integrated Smart Technology

Technology is transforming the experience in collective bathrooms. From voice-controlled lighting systems to motion sensor faucets and automatic soap dispensers, the integration of smart technology improves hygiene and energy efficiency, two key aspects that must be present in any public bathroom today. Its application will also allow offering a much more efficient and comfortable experience to users.

Bathroom equipment such as the All-in-One handwashing and drying station fits perfectly into all of this, as its sensors ensure maximum hygiene (the user does not touch any element, avoiding cross-contamination), great efficiency (it turns on and off automatically), and an unparalleled user experience, as it allows washing and drying hands completely in the same place without moving and in less than 20 seconds.


Sustainability at the Center of Design

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, sustainability has become a priority in the design and renovation of collective bathrooms. This is reflected in the growing choice of bathroom equipment that is more environmentally friendly, that helps preserve and care for natural resources like our trees, that are made of recyclable materials, that have intelligent systems for better water utilization and optimization, as well as being energy-efficient. The bathrooms of the future will not only be elegant but also respectful of the planet. If we translate this to our field, a clear example of this can be found in our fast eco-automatic hand dryers.


Inclusive and Accessible Design

One of the places where the concept of universal accessibility must be present, necessarily, is in public bathrooms. Spaces must be designed to be accessible for all people, regardless of their age or ability.

People with mobility problems must access and use the bathroom without any problem or impediment. For this, it is necessary to meet certain requirements regarding space and the quality and location of bathroom equipment used for this purpose.

A correct selection of equipment such as support bars and other mobility aids will be key in the design and renovation of collective bathrooms. Lines that integrate perfectly into the bathroom, making it a safe, accessible place with a modern and elegant aesthetic.


A Customer-Centric Strategy: Hygiene as the Protagonist

Customer Centric is a design approach based on always having the customer or user at the center. It is a strategy that is currently trending in product design and, of course, in the design of bathroom equipment and accessories as well.

Taking this into account and, especially, as a result of the pandemic, hygiene in public bathrooms has become a fundamental aspect that cannot be missing for users. Maximum hygiene, health protection, and prevention of contagion are and will be conditions that any collective bathroom equipment must provide.

Equipment such as our Babymedi changing station, which incorporates the Biocote antibacterial additive (inhibits the growth of viruses and bacteria on the surface) and Ion hygienic technology (the only changer in the world with an ionizer, which eliminates the negative action of viruses and bacteria), are and will be trends in collective bathroom spaces.

In summary, the year 2024 promises to be an exciting turning point in the design of collective bathrooms. With a combination of luxurious minimalism, smart technology, sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity, and an obsession with hygiene, these spaces are destined to become oases of comfort, hygiene, and style. At Mediclinics, we will bet on these trends that transform the way we perceive and use collective bathrooms.

Enrique González
Mediclinics S,A


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