U-flow® by Mediclinics, Winner of the Prestigious Best Design Award at the 2024 iF Design Award Competition

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In the world of design, functionality and aesthetics intertwine to create solutions that not only fulfill their purpose but also captivate with their beauty. And at this intersection of design and functionality, our new U-flow® Hand Dryer by Mediclinics has managed to shine on its own, winning the prestigious Best Design recognition at the iF Design Award.

Since its foundation in 1953, the IF Design Award has been a beacon of excellence, honoring creative talent and highlighting the most innovative solutions in this regard. Every year, a panel of world-renowned experts evaluates thousands of products and solutions from around the world, recognizing those designers and companies that have pushed the boundaries and raised the standard of design.


This year, among the 10,800 entries from 72 countries submitted to the iF Design Award, U-flow® has been recognized by the jury of this competition for its ergonomic and modern design, characterized by its innovative "U" shape that completely redefines the hand-drying experience. Its aerodynamic and open "U" shape is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows for total freedom of hand movement while offering maximum comfort, hygiene, and speed to users.

But the design of the U-flow® Hand Dryer goes beyond its external appearance. Every detail has been meticulously considered to ensure excellent performance and exceptional durability. U-flow® stands out not only for its design but also for its excellent energy efficiency and cutting-edge technology, which provides total hygiene. In this regard, its Plug-in technology deserves special mention, as it allows for installation or replacement of the dryer in just three steps and ten seconds.

In conclusion, the U-flow® Hand Dryer by Mediclinics is much more than a simple hand-drying device. It is an example of design that masterfully combines aesthetics and functionality, elevating the user experience to new heights. Therefore, if you are looking for a hand-drying solution that is both visually impressive and exceptional in its performance and hygiene, look no further than our award-winning U-flow® Hand Dryer by Mediclinics.


Finally, it is worth noting that the award granted to Mediclinics only reaffirms our commitment to creating products with the highest standards of quality and design, as well as our positioning as a leader in the industry.

In a world where attention to detail and quality matter more than ever, U-flow® stands out as a true example of design excellence. Congratulations to the entire team at Mediclinics for this impressive achievement! But this achievement is not only ours but also that of all our customers who support us day by day by trusting in our products.


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