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How Electric Hand Dryers Help to Improve Restaurant Hygiene

“I won't eat in restaurants with smelly, dirty bathrooms! They should let you see the bathrooms before sitting down to eat... Bathrooms are relatively easy to clean. Kitchens are not." That's how blunt and direct the...
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Why you have to pick up a calculator to dry your hands in a public bathroom

Juan Yuste works as a Facility Manager in a large shopping centre in Madrid. As Facility Manager, he is responsible for managing all the infrastructures and services of this macro-complex, with the aim of optimising...
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8 Key factors for choosing the best hand dryer

I must admit that I am currently facing one of those moments in which all of us, to some degree, have found ourselves at some point in our lives. And that is the decision-making process for the search and acquisition...
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Virtual Reality: the new tool to increase your sales

The year is 2045. In a bleak world on the brink of collapse, the Earth’s inhabitants find refuge in a virtual reality metaverse created by James Halliday (played by David Mark Rylance Waters), called OASIS. When...
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Hygiene, health and savings for school bathrooms

Despite the fact that we are getting older more and more quickly (or so it seems), I still often remember the experiences and mishaps that I went through when I was a little boy at school. So that nobody can try to...
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How to keep a public bathroom clean while reducing cleaning costs

Who among us has never had an unpleasant experience in a public bathroom due to a problem with the cleanliness of the facilities?  The truth is that many of us have experienced situations that, although we might laugh...
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4 essential tips to reduce maintenance costs in a public toilet

To save money, people are willing to pay any price” -From the movie Lawrence of Arabia-   Airports, shopping centers, hotels, museums, office buildings, nursing homes, health centers, administrative buildings,...
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Accessible and inclusive public toilets. The great pending subject.

"That is no country for old men". Thus begins the poem Sailing to Byzantium by William Butler Yeats, which inspired the novel by the great American writer Cormac McCarthy and was later brought to the big screen by the...
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Hygiene,health and savings: The consolidated trends in collective bathrooms in 2021

Last weekend, while I was sitting quietly reading Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s latest novel on the sofa, I could hear, as if it were music in the background, the unequivocal bombardment of advertisements played in the middle...
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What can we do to make a public baby changing station much more hygienic?

From the very beginning of this terrible Covid-19 pandemic, at Mediclinics we asked ourselves how we could help to defeat the virus. Countless ideas emerged that later were transformed into new products or in...
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